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Germantown – Nashville’s first neighborhood.

A section of North Nashville, less than 1 mile from our State Capitol. Germantown was the first development in Nashville and today is a thriving center of commerce and modern urban living. Some of its outstanding attributes are; sidewalks, restaurants,parks, schools and plenty of street parking. Having gone through a transition in recent years, Germantown continues to grow quickly and is home to many of  Nashville’s musicians and business professionals.

Some highlights of the Germantown experience are Silo, City House Restaurant, The Germantown Cafe, The Mad Platter, Rolf and Daughters, and Lazzaroli, the latter being a fabulous Italian market as well as a take out eatery.  It’s not just about restaurants though.  Germantown is one block North of Bi-Centennial Mall, which plays host to many amazing festivals and events year round.  Germantown is probably best known though for its Street Festival which happens the first weekend in October every year and brings between 20,000 and 50,000 people through the neighborhood to celebrate German culture, food and music.

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